Website and Forum software updated!

  • Today, we rolled out a major update to our website and forum software. This new version brings many new features and improvements. One of which is a set of new website themes as you probably have noticed already.

    The user profile has been completely redesigned. You can now introduce yourself with your own "About me" text. The connection path shows how you know another member. The profile start page displays the most recent posts and activities.

    A guestbook has been introduced which will allow you to leave a message on another users guestbook. You can manage your own guestbook by removing unwanted messages or commenting on messages from other users. The last few entries in your guestbook will also be displayed on your profile page.

    The new picture gallery will allow you to fully manage your own gallery by creating albums and tagging pictures. The gallery also supports geo-tagging: through the Google Maps integration a map displays the location where a photo has been taken. Other users can comment on photos you upload and make use of a slideshow system.

    From now on you can also publish your blog posts inside your profile and allow other users to comment on your blog entries. This is one of the systems we'll use in the future to talk about software development, system administration and other tech-talk.

    There are many more features and improvements you can discover but detailing all of them here is nearly impossible as over 100 improvements were made.

    If you click the "Read more" a list will be available with the most notable changes. I hope you like these changes as much as we do.

    Expect some new information on what the future will bring soon!

  • User Profile and Registration

    • New User Profile The optic of the public user profile has been reworked.
    • New Friend List The optic of the list of friends has been reworked.
    • Last Visitors The last visitors of a profile are displayed in the profile.
    • Contact Path A display is available, that shows with whom a user is connected over three corners.
    • Last Posts The last posts of a user are displayed in his profile.
    • Registration-IP The IP-Address of the registration is displayed in the profile.
    • Searchable The user profiles are searchable by search robots and can then be found in search engines.
    • New Admin Functions Diverse admin functions are available directly in the profile page (e. g. signature or avatar lock).
    • Birthday Note A note is displayed in the profile if it's the user's birthday.
    • Style Change If a user changes his style in the profile, the change will be visible immediately.
    • Style Preview The style chooser in the profile also contains a preview.
    • Own Attachments A list of own attachments is available in the profile.
    • Confirm Friends Friendships have to be confirmed by both parties.
    • Optional Registrationfields User profile fields can be displayed in the registration form but are only optional.
    • Friend List: Easy Delete The friend and ignore list can be emptied with one mouse click.
    • Time Filter for Threads The users can add their own time filter for the thread list.
    • Avatar Categories The given avatars can be grouped in categories.
    • Individual Boarddisplay The boards can be excluded from the lists individually by each user.


    • Time Filter A time filter for the list of subscribed threads is available.
    • Easy Delete The subscriptions can be emptied with a single mouse click.
    • Prompt for Confirmation A prompt for confirmation has been added when unsubscribing all boards.
    • Additional Information In subscribed boards the number of new threads, the last post and the statistic is displayed.
    • Link in Header In the page header a link with the subscriptions can be found including the status display.
    • RSS-Feed The subscribed threads can be accessed via RSS feed.

    User Memo

    • WYSIWYG The WYSIWYG editor can be used for the user memo.
    • Better Comfort The management of the notes is in general more comfortable.
    • Categories The notes can be grouped in categories.
    • Deleting Notes Multiple notes can be deleted at once.

    User Lists

    • Members List The order of columns on the members list can be changed.
    • Friend List In the members list there is also a link to te list of friends of a user.
    • Visibility A hidden user is visible for his friends.
    • Groupleader View The leaders of a group are shown seperately on the team list.
    • User Record The user record for the users online counts only registered users as option.
    • Guest IPs In the user online list guests with the same IP address are grouped together.
    • Order of the Legend The order of the user online legend is equal to the order of the team list.
    • Intelligent Team List The link to the team list is shown only if there are team members to display.
    • Display in Team List The user on the team list are optionally shown only once, even if they are members of multiple groups.
    • Language Display in Members List In the members list a column can be added that shows the language of the user.

    User Groups

    • Groups as Group Leader A group leader can now be a whole user group.
    • Application Status The status of an application is shown directly in the list of user groups.
    • Newsletter The group leaders can send e-mails or private messages to all members of the group.
    • Group Leader Link in Header The page header contains a link to the group leader area including a status display.
    • Notifications for Group Leader The group leader can get notified via e-mail or private message on incoming applications.

    Private Messages

    • Download The filenames of downloaded files have been improved. Single messages are saved as text file. Also a whole conversation can be downloaded at once.
    • Coloured Folders An individual colour can be assigned to own message folders.
    • Text Preview The notification popup also contains the text preview.
    • Author Information When replying on a message the author of the original message will be specified.
    • Newsletter The private messages can be send via administration panel to all users, certain user groups or individual users.
    • Message Filter Filter for incoming messages can be set up.
    • RSS Feeds The private message can be accessed via RSS feed.
    • Conversation as Thread The conversation with a user is displayed like a forums thread.
    • Delete All All messages of a message folder can be selected and deleted at once.


    • Sort The default sort of the search results can be defined through administration.
    • Thread Display by Default "Show results as threads" can be enabled by default. The checkbox in the search form is displayed further up.
    • Relevance When sorting by relevance new posts are rated higher.
    • New Search Options Search for threads that are started by a certain user.
    • Permalink The permalink of a search can be accessed.
    • Link Added "Mark all Forums as read" is available as a link beneath the search results.
    • Similar Threads Improved The search for similar threads prefers threads of the same forum.
    • Sort Results The sort of the search results can be changed afterwards.
    • Result Display The display of the search results can be changed afterwards.
    • Search Settings Changeable The settings of a search are displayed on the result page and can be changed afterwards.
    • Language Filter The search results are filtered with the chosen language(s).


    • Post & Thread Count The number of posts and threads of a forum can be shown in the forums list.
    • Language Display The language of a thread can be displayed in the thread list with a flag.
    • Tagging The threads can be tagged - you can search by tags.
    • Double Post Control Multiple replies in a row of one user in the same thread can be prohibited.
    • Subforums in RSS Feeds The posts of subforums are contained in RSS feeds.
    • Page Links in Thread List Threads with several pages get page links in the thread list.
    • Search for New Posts The new posts since the last visit can be accessed any time through the search popup.
    • Permission Denied Pages with the error message "Permission denied" also contain a form where the user can login.
    • Improved Display The user is informed that there are more threads available that cannot be seen only because of the chosen filter.
    • Pagination Pages where the content ranges over several subpages (e. g. threads) have this extra information added in the page title (e. G. "Page 2").
    • Reason for Editing When editing a post a reason can be added.
    • Notes for Moved Threads The notes that are displayed when moving a thread can be deleted automatically after a certain time.
    • Quick Reply A quick reply function is availabe on the bottom of a thread.
    • Languages for Guests The administrator can choose if guests can only see content of certain languages.
    • Attachments in the Text Attached images can be included in the text flow.
    • Portable Attachments The attachments can be taken into other posts.
    • Sortable Attachments The order of the attachments in the posts can be changed.
    • Multiple Attachments The upload of multiple attachments has been made easier.
    • Smiley Categories The smileys can be grouped into categories.
    • Smiley Display The post form shows only a limited number of smileys by default.
    • Capitals in Subject Line The exclusive use of capital letters in the subject line can be prohibited.
    • Style Chooser A dropdown in the footer is available to change between different styles.
    • Public Polls Public polls can be created so you can see who voted for what.
    • Poll Results The results of different polls on one page can be displayed.
    • Image Display Enlarging attached images will make use of a technic like Lightbox.
    • Global Quotes The qoutes can be exchanged through different areas (e. g. forums and private messages) of a site.
    • Paragraph Quotes The quote function offers an easy way to quote the paragraphs of a post.
    • Deletion Display The user will be informed how long deleted content will stay in the recycle bin.
    • Gender Display The gender of a user is displayed next to the post as an icon.
    • User Online Marking The user online marking can be used also for displaying usernames in a thread.
    • Centralised Settings The settings for user information in posts, private messages, events etc. have been centralised.
    • Birthday Note A note is displayed in the post if it's the user's birthday.
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