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  • Today, we rolled out a major update to our website and forum software. This new version brings many new features and improvements. One of which is a set of new website themes as you probably have noticed already.

    The user profile has been completely redesigned. You can now introduce yourself with your own "About me" text. The connection path shows how you know another member. The profile start page displays the most recent posts and activities.

    A guestbook has been introduced which will allow you to leave a message on another users guestbook. You can manage your own guestbook by removing unwanted messages or commenting on messages from other users. The last few entries in your guestbook will also be displayed on your profile page.

    The new picture gallery will allow you to fully manage your own gallery by creating albums and tagging pictures. The gallery also supports geo-tagging: through the Google Maps integration a map displays the location where a photo has been taken. Other…
  • After many hours of coding and testing K2-Solutions is now pleased to announce the open beta for the COD4 Server Gadget. This gadget will allow you to monitor any COD4 game server.

    This gadget has been developed by K2-Solutions with the support of eetara, for Windows Vista & Windows 7. In the future the gadget may be ported to other platforms as well, depending on user interest.

    If you experience any issues with the gadget, please report them here.
    Download: k2-solutions.eu/forum/index.php?page=DownloadDBView&katID=12