AA Utility Package Login

  • I have just installed the new AA Utility Package. I'm not able to Login or Register. I have used my K2 Login Name [ Ronbo1931 ] and my standard Password. Don't know if this is the correct password for K2. How can I fine out my password? My system is a Vista

  • Looks like you found/triggered a bug in the login logic (empty username field when logging in crashes the application).
    You can leave UAC turned on, AAUP was developed on Vista and tested to make sure it works on as many operating systems as possible.

    You can use the same login credentials you use on this website to login to AAUP, if you still need help, please let me know.

  • Yes, it will be updated on Wednesday / Thursday to fix some issues. However the reason it's crashing for you has nothing to do with the login module, please provide the following information:

    DirectX Diagnostics (DXDiag) and Process List Request Prompt

    Please include a DirectX Diagnostics (DXDiag) report of your computer. If you do not know how to obtain this report, please follow the steps listed below:
    To start the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, click Start, click Run, type dxdiag in the field provided then click OK.

    Wait for the tool to obtain the necessary information. Click Save All Information and save the information to your desktop or somewhere that is easily accessible.

    Open the text file you just saved using Notepad or Wordpad and Select All. Then, Copy & Paste the contents of that file into an America's Army forum reply, and await a response. We do understand that these reports may be rather extensive or large.