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    I have just installed the new AA Utility Package. I'm not able to Login or Register. I have used my K2 Login Name [ Ronbo1931 ] and my standard Password. Don't know if this is the correct password for K2. How can I fine out my password? My system is a Vista

    Trying to install AAUP on my Vista Computer. Get the following error message: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close ..... etc. Program doesn't even open AALogReader Setup Window. Need help.

    have just installed Americ's Army Deploy Client & Game, Version 2.8.4. The game comes up without any problem but when I select the Deploy button the game drops to my desk top and I get an error message ArmyOps.exe has stopped working.

    My Computer Information:

    CPU Type Intel

    CPU Speed 2.67 GHz

    RAM 2045 MB

    Ope. System Windows Vista

    Video Card Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS

    Video Driver 178.13

    Have not been able to get the Army game working with this Vista computer. Need help.