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    Major i need your help. ;(

    I extracted the win server files for 2.8.5 and overwritten the System folder with the linux runtime files.

    First let me explain teh folowing

    my setup:

    CentOS 5

    in the root i made a folder called "bin"

    In the bin folder i extracted the win server files and copied the runtime files over the system folder.

    i also added the the 2 files wich you posted.

    when i try to start the server with the following code: ./server-bin GLOBAL sfhospital.aao -nohomedir ini=server.ini log=aalog.log

    i get the following error.

    [root@ks30258 System]# ./server-bin GLOBAL sfhospital.aao -nohomedir ini=server.ini log=AA.log
    -bash: ./server-bin: Permission denied
    [root@ks30258 System]#

    i installed the server like i did with the files but now i get this error.



    I have the same problem on my CentOS box.

    Seems the files isnt even going through the test.
    Download winscp and extract on a winbox. after that copy back too your linux box

    I did the same, still isnt working tho, error is when i start the server it say ./server-bin is not found.

    but i can clearly see it in the system folder.