Intel® 82579V erroneously reported as Intel® 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet Controller

  • On some systems ( especially those running Windows 8 ) the Intel® 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Controller might fail and is then reported as the Intel® 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet Controller. This will result in a Windows Code 10 error and loss of network connectivity.

    The issue is also triggered when trying to configure an external V-Switch in Microsoft Hyper-V when running Windows 8 Pro. The event below is logged in the Windows Event Logs:


    Failed to connect NIC /DEVICE/{8C86D1AF-08D5-4A6C-96C5-7B2D454D977B} (Friendly Name: ) to port EFA26021-F71E-44E8-B2E6-95CF18F4DFB5 (Friendly Name: ) on switch E524A581-81E4-4098-BAD8-A0C6AED4E0A1 (Friendly Name: ), status = Object Name not found.

    Network connectivity can be restored by scanning for hardware changes in Windows Device Manager.

    Intel has released new network controller drivers and an utility to solve this issue.
    NVM Update Utility:

    Steps to run the update tool:

    • Download the utility.
    • Open a command prompt window with administrator privileges
    • Select the utility in the directory or folder based on the operating system installed
      • 32-bit Windows use the utility in the Win32 directory
      • 64-bit Windows use the utility in the Win64e directory
      • DOS use the utility in the DOS directory
    1. Run the executable file from the command prompt
    2. The NVM image will be updated. Reboot the computer for best results.