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    Hi, Well fixed one problem now have another. While in play playing on AA it can be 5mins 15mins or more into the game. it kicks me to the page AA BROWSER (MBS) where you search for a game to play. People i play with in game tell me in the game i'm playing it reads i left the game. I haven't done anything it just boots me to that spot. I have windows @ norton firewalls turned off. ?


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    Thank you for your time and your site. I downloaded the AAUP, ran it went to repair AA and i was able to update go threw the updates of 2.8.3 to stright threw back to 2.8.4. So i'm back up and running with your help. Please let me know what it costs you to run this site for 1 month because i'd like to donate i month cost of your site threw pay-pal. Plus i'm going to put up your site in the clan forms i belong to -=}316{=-


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    I did what you told me then i downloaded 2.8.3 then try to use the patch to update it to it read the same error, So i ran the AAUP it said i had a old version on 2.8.3. from your site after it was done loading i tryed to patch to but no good still getting same error . I'm lost. Is there somewhere where i can download a version that puts the file in i must be missing ? I don't know. Thanks to site's like yours it seem other have the same problem. Thanks to all with any input.


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    Could someone please help me. When i go to use the patch from 2.8.3. to I get a error it reads " Old file not found. However, A file of the same name was found. No update since file contents do not match " i have I have gone threw this because i was trying to fix my 2.8.4 i was having problems with so i uninstalled everything to start over with a clean install I have download all my files from your downloads i tryed 2.8.3 first and couldn't use the patch to

    So far i can't play anymore because of this all my friends are playing on 2.8.4. i wish i could just download just that as if i never played before is that possible ?

    Thank you Big Taco