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    ok, well again i'm having to use this program to repair the registry since apparently the keys have again disappeared since i last installed 2.8.3

    The new version of your program has been installed automatically. But now when i go to repair the registry, it says registry repaired, then crashes - the registry wasn't repaired though. When i try to repair the installation, it restarts under admin, then gets 3 or 4 lines in the box, then crashes. when i hit repair installation, it scans the files, but then i get Fatal Error (repair cancelled) Illegal Characters in path.

    So whats going on? I can't use the new deploy thing to install, the download rate is just to slow, i maxed out at 5k/s. I've already download the manual patch, but i can't install that either because it can't find the registry values.

    messages i get:

    repair installation after 1st open: when i press repair installation, i get a cmd prompt window that says program is still active...., then it asks to be restarted.

    it now did the file scan and deleted several files, now i get: Fatal Error (repair cancelled) Could not find part of the path 'C:\Users\richei\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\America's Army.

    Ended up having to manually edit the registry to get the patch installed