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    Americas Army is not installed on this pc, thi installation is damaged or this operating system is not supported!

    My situation, I have been playing fine for a few weeks. Punkbuster is working and I used to get into any server that I wanted to. The new update came out so I downloaded it and tried to install it. It failed to install. I even tried to download it from multiple sources. I went to the AA support forum and they said to try the AAUP. I had the utility package and had used it to fix the game before. The AAUP also failed so I decided to wipe out the whole game AAUP and all. I then re-installed everything and tried to patch it to the new .1. Got the same error as before and then tried to download the AAUP to fix it. Now when I run the AAUP it tells me that I do not have AAO installed. I am able to launch AAO and get onto the limited servers running the old version. Any ideas how to fix my problem with AAUP so I can get the patch to work?