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    well the problem is that i am trying to install AA with the alternate methode of installing AA , but when i hit the repair registry i get a instant message that it is repaired...that is a kinda weird , anyhow in the manual says
    [*] Check "Don't ask for confirmation to download files" <---what is meant with this, because should i be checking this option with the advanced options or what, cause i can 't find anything >.<

    but after reading my situation, how far am i from reaching installing this game , and what do you advice me to do, instead of linking the manual that I really don 't understand at the moment

    yea so i downloaded the AAUP didn 't worked or anything so i tried to install AA again which ends in the normal error ( or atleast for me)

    anyways not important

    this is : after retrying to repair installation it worked, but heck it deleted the old AA file in the map and i think downloaded the version ( it lasted almost 2 hours>.> )or something . Anyhow after trying to install the game through the repair registry i failed which i couldn 't actually select any folders. typing anything, in hope he will find the ''new AA''( or something that has to do with it) ended in fail too is weird idd, what am i doing wrong, and is it better to just download the whole game again, and do the manual step by step again?

    oh yea weird thing is when i open the AAloader, i can actually login and see my score etc, tho i can 't play anything