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    I've been using the America's Army Utility Package for some times now and it has been a great help on many an occasion, when the game have had hiccups.
    The repaired utility works wonders on an (old) corrupt installation.

    After updating to the newest version, I found that the repaired utility had deleted all "non original AA files" from my AA's system folder.

    Among the deleted files was a lot of admin executable text files. Now I've put a lot of work into those files and as the smart human being I am, I have NOT made a copy of those files. My bad.

    I have tried to search for them via deferent recovery programs but to no vain. Guess I'll have to make them all over again but if the Utility Package continues to delete them, I won't be using the program no more, and I will not be able to recommend it to anyone as I know a lot of admen’s has those admin executable text files in there system folder.

    Sincerely, yours