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    I'm dealing with many problems and I hope someone of you is able to help me solve them.
    First thing is that I cannot even install AAUP. Nothing appears ofter double click on "setup". Sometime the Internet Explorer's web ( blank with no url ) pops up for a while ( not even a second ) and nothing happens next.
    Once, I succeeded in installation and even in registration but program worked only few times. Now, when I'm trying to open it nothing shows. Not even a single window.
    I wonder if it can be somehow connected with my another problem - 0xc000007b error, while I'm trying to open other programs. Unlucky no one knows solution to 0xc000007b error :/.

    I guess I need AAUP really fast because I'm suffering from multi PB's kicks. The thing that I'm being kicked for is "aaloader.exe", "server.exe".
    I'm completely hopeless.

    I'd like to apologize for my English that may be not proper as it should be but that's foreign language for me and I'm still learning it :) Please replay without very complicated words that do not appear in dictionaries :)
    Hooah :)