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    Thanks for the links.. I already have those bookmarked and they don't seem to help my problem.

    The info seems valid but when I get it running I can't connect to it with the client and yes, I made sure all ports are open.

    If I shut it down and try to start it again I get an error saying "CommandLet SERVER not found" and I checked the system.ini which most of the data is gone and a friend told me it creates an armyops.ini file but I don't see one anywhere.. not sure whats going on here.

    All the help files for Linux servers are for versions 2.7 and 2.1

    I downloaded the Linux server files from here.. thanks for making them available!!

    Anyways, I can't figure out how to get my server running.. any help I can find is for older versions and don't seem to help any.

    I have all the files unzipped and patched to but don't know what files I need to edit, what to change in those files and how to make it run..

    could anyone help me out or let me know where I might find some help on this?