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    Windows Vista sidebar should have no effect at all.

    The Adware-Url.gen is a false positive from McAfee and is most likely related to a link in the America's Army game directory (this isn't spyware/malware, McAfee simply made a mistake).

    Yes you are right.

    File: ..\Americas Army\Help\Play Americas Army Online With Gamespy Arcade.url
    Proces: ..\Americas Army\AAUP\aaup_gui.exe

    Sorry, but we cant be carefull enough these days =)

    It goes way too fast.
    I am correct it should be stored in the ArmyOps.txt file?

    -edit: I tried the AAUP to repair the installation, which did not worked.
    My McAfee scanner also detected a Adware-Url.gen which was interlaced with the aaup_gui.exe!!

    -edit2: I hid my Vista sidebar, and was able to join servers. Im not sure if sidebar caused it but the problem is fixed.

    Hello, i have a problem.

    Punkbuster kicks me out of every server i try.
    I know the reason is supposed to be logged into ArmyOps.txt (if i remember correct), but it doesnt show anything.

    Any help?