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    12.7 G free now, still same issue. I dont' know what to do. I can't play the game anymore at all because i can't insall any build.

    do you think a DVD would work if i ordered one? I dont' want to pay the money and find out it doesn't work. No one on tracker even replies back to any message. It is really amazing.

    currently there is 7.71GB free on the C drive.

    BTW, i just downloaded 2.8.3 using this tool, and the install did the same thing, It can't find some file and rolls back teh install.

    Is 7.71 not enough space? I am beginning to wonder.

    downloaded it, took about 3 hours, installed it, go to start it and get CE.

    I am going to attempt to get 2.8.3 for the 15th time, but I will use the AAUP this time.

    when i try and install 2.8.3 i get the "cannot find specific file' error and it rolls back the install. Does the install from this site do that as well?