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    7.1GB on C: is much enough, I've had 3.2 and extracted the .cab files from the executive America's Army install archive by using winRAR to another hard disk, then it took ~2.3GB while and a few 100MB after the installaion on local drive C:
    after that I had to fix a few files by AAUP and repair the registry et voilà it works perfectly...
    Just another method to install, not that easy but uses less hard disk space on C:

    It's impressive how small but helpful AAUP is! :thumbsup:

    If you're having a problem and your AA doesn't launch, activate this one and it will scan for the missing data or registry entrys, so you don't need to download the 2 GB file and the update again, wich takes a few houres if you can find an 200 KB/s server... i didn't X(
    The intuitively user interface is another point that makes it much easier to use than a console controlled logfile checker :S

    So all in all i just got to say "thank you" to Stijn Bienkens, hopefully it wasn't your last project on AA 8)

    By the way, those smileys are cool 8o


    Oh sorry...
    I've just seen the yellow message that I need to activate my acc to use all features of this side so i didn't read the furter text :S

    Thx at all, and have a nice day 8)

    First at all I'm sorry for my bad English, I will try my best to get you understand what I want ;)

    I've just been registring yesterday and the activation code didn't arrive at all.
    May it take just longer by slow sever speed or is it a bug in your dbase :?:

    I'm nervous because want to ownload AAUP and play AA, hopefully :whistling: