Corrupted File/Memory [124001]

  • ""Corrupted File/Memory
    [124001] kick anyone know what it is and how to fix it???

    This is what Punkbuster said to me

    "Note #7: These kicks are when PunkBuster detects a modification of your
    game exe running in memory or you are using a modified client. Possible
    explanations are as follows:

    1. A virus modified the game executable

    2. A crack of some sort was applied to the game executable

    3. You are using a non-standard version of the game (D2D/Steam etc.)

    Please make sure you run the latest and original version of the game. Using no-cd hacks could be the cause of these kicks. Make sure you have installed the latest patches of your game.

    Also, I recommend that you run a virus/malware scan of your
    computer to see if anything is trying to attach itself to the running
    program. Also run a memory stress test to see if there is a fault there
    that could be causing issues (Note: this is rare!). You can find such a
    program on the following website:

    In extreme cases, some users have reported that BIOS updates have
    stopped this kick. If the memtest does not show up an error and the
    other solutions did not help, try a reinstall of the game please."

    But i dont know .. i was getting the kick around the time the pb update was going on , and this was the update the messed up the servers ..

    Then i went on the next day and i guess they did another update and i was able to play ,

    But now i cam back last night to see another update was going on ..

    So i updated and went to play then i started getting the Corrupted File/Memory
    [124001] kick again..? I kinda driving me insane... I have never har ar problem with something like this in the 5 years i been playn